Promotions and Discounts

Last revised: April 18, 2024

You can receive discounts from us. Learn more on how to redeem them and the terms and conditions tied to discounts and credits.

Discounts and promocodes

ABC AUTOCARS offer discounts, promo codes, or refferal links for new clients or first-time users in the US.
• Promo codes and coupons found on third-party websites aren’t authentic, and we’re unable to honor them.
• Promo codes are for one-time use only and may not be redeemed on reservation initiated on third-party websites.
• You can’t combine our promo code with other promotional offers and can’t use them for a previous or current reservation.
• You can’t combine our promo code with other promotional offers displayed on our website.

ABC AUTOCARS does reward clients for being frequent travelers on our services with honorable bonus.

ABC AUTOCARS makes its own decision about if and what discount to offer.
You can’t combine discounts with other promotional offers displayed on our website.

Discount offers:

• Get 5% OFF
Follow abcautocars instagram page, get a photo of desired car from us by using it on your instagram make a post or short reel with written description or explanation about our ABC AUTOCARS’s name and services; Send a message about it to @abcautocars instagram ;

• Get 5% OFF
Leave Google & Yelp review. Would love your feedback on Google & Yelp
You could combine discout offers to get 10% OFF to each reservetions.
You could apply up to a maximum of 10% to each reservation.
Complete all requirements, email us with confirmation and ABC AUTOCARS email you a discount code. You may reedem it by making reservation.
If ABC AUTOCARS email you a discount code on current reservation or your reservation has been completed, these discounts are valid for the stated percentage discount on your next reservation and are one-time use only, non-transferable, and expire within 365 days of receipt. The discount percentage is applied to the next reservation’s price.
A discount code from ABC AUTOCARS is for your one-time use only; you can’t transfer it to another ABC AUTOCARS user or sell it.

Promo codes:

You’ll enter most promo codes at checkout. Before you complete your booking, apply your promo code at checkout by tapping the prompt “Promo code” and typing the code exactly as it appears. The code is no longer valid after you’ve applied it to a reservation — even if that reservation was declined or canceled by ABC AUTOCARS.

Promotional terms and conditions

We also don’t support promotions offered by third-party services, and we can’t apply promo codes, travel credit, or discounts to already booked reservations.
You can’t redeem promo codes, or discounts for cash or alternate compensation, and you can’t gift or transfer travel credit or discount codes to anyone.
You can’t enter into a ABC AUTOCARS transaction with a member of the family, household, friend, colleague, or acquaintance.
Users with a suspended or closed account aren’t eligible to redeem a discount or promo code.
All reservationss must be in compliance with our Policies and ABC AUTOCARS reserves the right to change or limit a promotion in its sole discretion. If ABC AUTOCARS suspects fraud, tampering, violations of the ABC AUTOCARS Policies, or technical errors, we reserve the right to any remedy, including denial of the discount or cancellation of your account or booked reservations.
If you unfollowed us on instagram and removed post about us on booked or current reservation we reserve the right to any remedy, including denial of the discount or cancellation of your account, upcoming or a current reservations.