Prohibited uses

Where permitted by law, the following, in addition to the prohibitions listed below and in the Protection section, unless granted permission by ABC AUTOCARS, shall be considered prohibited uses of the Vehicle (“Prohibited Uses”):
• By anyone without first obtaining ABC AUTOCRAS’s written consent;
• By anyone who is not a qualified and licensed driver;
• To carry persons or property for hire, livery, On-Demand service, or Transportation Network Company (Uber, Lyft, etc.);
• To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;
• In any race, test or contest;
• For any illegal purpose or in the commission of a crime;
• To instruct an unlicensed person in operation of vehicle;
• If the vehicle is obtained from ABC AUTOCARS by fraud or misrepresentation;
• To carry persons other than in the passenger compartment of the Vehicle;
• Loading the vehicle beyond its rated capacity;
• While under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants such as drugs or narcotics or under any other physical or mental impairment which
adversely affects the driver’s ability to operate the Vehicle;
• Intentionally causing damage to or loss of the Vehicle;
• On other than a paved road or graded private road or driveway;
• In an unsafe, reckless, grossly negligent, or wanton manner. Violating a traffic law or receiving a ticket in an accident is not
automatically a violation of this provision, but may be an indication that a violation of this provision has occurred;
• Younger than the minimum age set forth in Rental agreement; and
• Driving the Vehicle outside of the Geographic area provided in the Rental Information on and on Rental Agrement.
Prohibited use of the Vehicle violates this agreement, voids all liability and other insurance coverage (where permitted by law), makes Vehicle subject to immediate recovery by ABC AUTOCARS, and makes you responsible for all loss of or damage to or connected with the Vehicle, regardless of the cause, including but not limited to ABC AUTOCARS’s expenses, including loss of use.

In connection with your use of or access to the Services, you agree that you will not, nor advocate, encourage, request, or assist any third party to. Violate any law, Breach, violate, and/or circumvent any local, state, provincial/territorial, regional, or national law or other law or regulation, or any order of a court, including, without limitation, airport regulations and tax regulations, licensing or registration requirements, or third-party rights. Post false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content. Infringe, reproduce, perform, display, distribute, reverse engineer, or prepare derivative works from content that belongs to or is licensed to ABC AUTOCARS, or that comes from the Services and belongs to another ABC AUTOCARS user or to a third party, including works covered by any copyrights, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property, privacy, publicity, moral, or contractual rights, except with prior express written permission of ABC AUTOCARS. Dilute, tarnish, or otherwise harm the ABC AUTOCARS brand in any way, including:through unauthorized use of the Services and/or user content; Registering and/or using “ABC AUTOCARS” or derivative terms in domain names, trade names, trademarks, or otherwise; Registering and/or using domain names, trade names, trademarks, social media account names, or other means of identification that closely imitate or are confusingly similar to ABC AUTOCARS domains, trademarks, taglines, promotional campaigns, or ABC AUTOCARS and/or user content; Provide or submit any false or misleading information, including: False name, date of birth, driver’s license details, payment method, insurance, or other personal information; in relation to a claim; By registering for a ABC AUTOCARS Account on behalf of an individual other than yourself; Impersonating any person or entity, or falsifying or otherwise misrepresenting yourself or your affiliation with any person or entity; Fail to honor your commitments, including: Fail to pay fees, penalties, or other amounts owed to ABC AUTOCARS; Fail, as either a Client to timely deliver, make available, or return any vehicle and optional Extras, unless you have a valid reason; Use the Services to find a car, and then complete a transaction partially or wholly independent of the Services, for any reason including but not limited to circumventing the obligation to pay any fees related to the provision of the Services by ABC AUTOCARS (aka, gray market transactions, which do not necessarily require the exchange of money); Transfer your ABC AUTOCARS Account and/or user ID to another party without our consent; Leave a vehicle unlocked or running with the keys inside, except where instructed to do so directly by ABC AUTOCARS in certain limited circumstances; Harm or threaten to harm employees of ABC AUTOCARS, including: Engage in physically or verbally abusive or threatening conduct; Use the Services to transmit, distribute, post, or submit any information concerning any other person or entity, including without limitation, photographs of others without their permission, personal contact information, payment method details, or account numbers; Treat anyone differently based on the way they look, who they love, what they believe, how they self-identify, where they are from, or when they were born. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in the ABC AUTOCARS community; Sue or assert legal claims against ABC AUTOCARS in any manner prohibited or waived by these Terms; Use the Services for your own unrelated purposes, including to: Commercialize any content found on the Services or software associated with the Services, including reviews; Recruit or otherwise solicit any user to join third-party services or websites that are competitive to ABC AUTOCARS, without our prior written approval; Interfere with the operation of the Services, including by: Using the Services in connection with the distribution or posting of unsolicited commercial messages (e.g., spam); Distributing viruses or any other technologies such as cancel bots, Trojan horses, harmful code, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks, backdoors, packet or IP spoofing, forged routing or e-mail address information, or similar methods or technology that may disrupt or interfere with the operation or provision of the Services, or harm ABC AUTOCARS or the interests or property of others;Bypassing robot exclusion headers, interfering with the working of the Services, or imposing an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; Systematically retrieving data or other content from the Services to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, directory, or the like, whether by manual methods, or through the use of bots, crawlers, spiders, or otherwise; Using, displaying, mirroring, or framing the Services or any individual element within the Services, the ABC AUTOCARS name, any ABC AUTOCARS trademark, logo, or other proprietary information, or the layout and design of any page or form contained on a page in the Services, without the express written consent of ABC AUTOCARS; Accessing, tampering with, or using non-public areas of the Services, our computer systems, or the technical delivery systems of our service providers; Attempting to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any of our system or network or breach any security or authentication measures; Avoiding, bypassing, removing, deactivating, impairing, descrambling, or otherwise circumventing any technological measure implemented by ABC AUTOCARS or any of our service providers or any other third party (including another user) to protect the Services; Forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting, or in any way using the Services to send altered, deceptive, or false source-identifying information; Attempting to decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any of the software used to provide the Services; Endeavoring to circumvent a suspension, termination, or closure of your ABC AUTOCARS Account or the account of another ABC AUTOCARS user, including, but not limited to, creating a new ABC AUTOCARS Account or listing vehicles affiliated with or registered to a ABC AUTOCARS Account holder that has been suspended, terminated, or closed;