Long-term reservations


Driver License/ Pasport/ Emigration Status/ Appartment Lease Agreement/ Letter of confermation from Association/ Family members/

Payments: First, Last month + Deposit

Send interior and extarior picture: at the begining of each month

Terms: 1 year


Mileage: 12 000
Exceed mileage: It usually falls between $0.15 and $0.30 per mile

Price: $500

Repair: to stick with original car parts. Using non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts could stir up trouble when returning your car.

Excess mileage
Dents/collision damage
Scrapes/scratches longer than three inches
Wheel scratches longer than two inches
Windshield chips or cracks that are larger than a quarter
Tire wear that is deeper than 1/16th of an inch tread
Poor-quality repairs or repairs that do not meet the dealerships standards
Cuts, tears, burns, or permanent stains in the fabric or carpet
Broken/missing parts
Mechanical and transmissions (clutch, brakes, drivetrain, or suspension)