Technical condition of vehicle

While pickup a vehile you (client) must complete a visual inspection, verify technical condition of vehicle, take exterior & enterior pictures, take gas level picture, take a mileage picture before you begin your use of the vehicle.
You (client) must return the Vehicle to our rental office or other location we identify, on the date and time specified in our record, and in the same condition that you received it, except for ordinary wear.

You (client) must Always Do Before You Start Driving:

1. Do a walk-around to see if there are any obstacles.
2. Inspect the Vehicle.
3. Check and maintain all fluid levels, engine oil level, brake fluid level, coolant level, level of gasoline in your tank.
4. Check that the Vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.
5. Check Tire Pressure.
6. Check the Lights.
7. Check the Mirrors.
8. Buckle up for Safety.

Adding engine oil, brake fluid, coolant fluid, service to the vehicle or replacement of parts or accessories during the rental must have our prior written approval.

ABC AUTOCARS won’t be responsible for any injuries, specific injuries, severe-injuries, death that client can incur to comply with our policies

You (client) must always do these steps each time you (client) park a car:

Choose your parking space wisely and make sure the vehicle is completely within the parking bay lines if any are present. Never park so close to another vehicle that you are blocking it in a parking space.

1. When parking on a slope turn your wheels toward or away from the curb as necessary.
2. Activate the parking brake.
3. In an automatic car, shift the transmission to “Park”. Drivers with manual transmission vehicles should leave the car in “Reverse” or first gear.
4. Switch off your engine and turn the ignition to the start position.
5. Remove your foot from the brake pedal.
6. Switch off all lights, including headlights, interior lights, and hazard lights and accessories which may drain the car’s battery if left active.
7. Check that your windows are closed properly.
8. Turn the ignition key to the “lock” position before removing it altogether.
9. Make sure all doors are locked as you leave the car.
10. Lock the Vehicle at all times when you are not operating it.
11. You (client) must ensure that the keys of the vehicle are under your (client’s) control at all time.

You will be legally responsible if any person is injured, or property is damaged because your car was parked incorrectly.

Fuel level

No refund or credit shall be issued if you (client) return the Vehicle with a greater amount of fuel than when you (client) received it.